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China Glaze - On The Horizon - Flock Together and You're A Hoot

I received my 2 bottles from the on the Horizon collection today! Oh joy! I was really looking forward to these, but was a little cautious as these are my first feather polishes and I wasn't sure how they would turn out to be. I chose You're a Hoot and Flock Together. I still have my eyes on All a Flutter, maybe I splurge on that one next month. These babies don't come cheap, they're about 25% more expensive than your usual bottle (I paid SG$9.50 for these from an online local seller). Which is another reason I didn't dare to buy too many.

china glaze flock together you're a hoot
China Glaze Flock Together and You're a Hoot

If I see my bottles, and the rest of the colors (Light as a Feather, Flying South, All a Flutter and Party Fowl) it seems they keep using the same few colors of 'feathers', and then throw them inside different bottles in different combinations. I would have liked to see some more variation, like forest green or shocking pink. But overall they look really nice. All polishes in this collection consist of a clear base packed with very small matte bar glitters, they're only about 1-1.5mm in length. A little update: removal of these was surprisingly easy! Perhaps because the glitters are so narrow, the polish remover gets underneath more easily. That is another big plus, as removal makes many of us reluctant to wear glitters sometimes.

The formula for both is pretty similar. It spreads pretty evenly, you need to work a little to get the sides covered, but if you try working from the outside to the inside, it works quite well. Two generous coats gives a pretty good coverage! I have made swatches with 1 layer and 2 layers for you to see. But you can also choose to put a thinner layer, and use it as a top coat on top of a fun base color. So you can use them for many different looks, use your imagination! The second layer became a little bumpy, 1-2 layers of top coat will make it shiny and even. Seche Vite would work wonders, but as I don't have that right now, I used China Glaze first and last. I had some feathers sticking out a bit, but I just gently wiped the side with my finger to smoothen it. No big deal.

Surprisingly, I really love these, will probably get All a Flutter as well! Oh did I mention that already? Actually All a Flutter was my first pick, but wanted to try something different for a change.

You're a Hoot Honestly, whatever color this would have been, I'd have gotten it just for the name. I love owls and this is just so cute! The colors are really owl-ie too, and I can just imagine this with China Glaze Desert Sun and some Konad Owl stamps *drools* Really happy with this one. There is a lot of pastel yellow and soft orange, and a bit of black accents. Very feathery and owly! Well done China Glaze *clap clap*.

China Glaze You're a Hoot
You're a Hoot - Bottle Close-up

china glaze you're a hoot
You're a Hoot - L-R: 1 layer and 2 layers, no top coat

You can see how good the coverage is after just 1 coat! My coats are quite generous. This was taken without flash, with artificial light. Bottle shot is very color accurate, for both Hoot and Flock.

Flock together Well, after seeing preview pictures of this color, I was really excited. It looked forest green with baby blue and black. Hmmpf! I ordered this and then saw swatches coming up and realized it's yellow with baby blue and black! I was initially disappointed, but prepared for the worst, when I got my bottle today, I really loved it! Seeing it on the nail, loving it even more. So maybe it was faith, I accidentally stepped out of my comfort zone - I would never have ordered it if I knew it was yellow and blue - and ended up liking it very much!

China Glaze Flock Together
Flock together - Bottle close-up

China Glaze Flock Together
Flock Together - L-R: 2 layers and 1 layer, no top coat

Quite a fun color, isn't it? I have read reviews saying the light 'feathers' are lime-green, but to me, they're a highlighter yellow. Hmm yes, this is growing on me more and more.

Now, for the round-up some full shot pictures, which may help you get a better idea what they'l look like when worn.

China Glaze You're a Hoot Flock together
Flock Together and You're a Hoot - Artificial light - Top coat

China Glaze You're a Hoot Flock together
Flock Together and You're a Hoot - Flash - Top coat

Sorry for the weird half-shot. I only now realized this, but as this is the sharpest shot I could get, I'll post it anyway. =P

China Glaze You're a Hoot Flock together
Flock Together and You're a Hoot - Artificial light - Top coat

In case you're wondering, I was experimenting on the application on my thumb, I just dolloped the polish on, had a little patch, added another dollop here and there to fix patch, and really, you can be pretty messy with this polish, it doesn't drag or smear and doesn't get too bumpy, you won't see it where you have fixed it. Great! Let's get messy and polished up!

China Glaze You're a Hoot Flock together
On the Horizon - Layered with other base colors

I just added this picture, so you can see how these look when used layered on other colors. I was playing around and used Solar Power (ring) and Peachy Keen (middle, for full review please click here) to match with You're a Hoot, and Towel Boy Toy (Pointer) and That's Shore Bright (pinkie, for full review please click here) to match with Flock together. All base colors are by China Glaze. Really like Towel Boy Toy and Flock Together.

I absolutely love these, no regrets on splurging almost 10 bucks per bottle at all! My only worry is that they might finish faster than normal polish as glitters usually do, so I might save them for special occasions and I-Feel-Sorry-For-Myself-Feel-Good-Manicures.

I have a hard time deciding which of these 2 is my favorite! Maybe they're getting a shared first place. =3

Which one is your favorite? Getting any of them?

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