Friday, 26 July 2013

China Glaze - Mahoganie

Hello! It's friday night and that means it's weekend! I am anxiously waiting for my order of  2 bottles from the brand-new On The Horizon collection (I ordered Flock Together and You're a Hoot). Hopefully I get them next week so I can show them to you. While waiting, I pulled out this slightly older polish, but not less beautiful!

china glaze mahoganie
China Glaze - Mahoganie 80398
This is China Glaze Mahoganie, and it is one of the 50 specialty glitters that came out a couple of years back. I had to do some digging to get it over here in Asia, but was so happy when I found it! I love the warm brown color, I find that a lot of browns out there just lean much too red. And I love holographic glitter, so this is perfect. It also makes you look so sunkissed! The only thing I shudder at, is the moment when I have to remove this glitter-packed mass from my fingers... *faints*

The 50 specialty glitters was an amazing collection. I mean, 50 glitters! I got my paws on 2 others from this collection: One is Atlantis, a stunning dark teal with similar glitters as Mahoganie. And the other one is mahoganie's little brother, Ginger. That one was even harder to come by over here. All these beauties have been discontinued, sadly enough.

So the color, it's a beautiful warm medium brown, and it is really packed with fine silver and holographic glitter. Once this baby is under the sun, it's amazing! So much colorful glitter! And like I said before, I love how warm this color is and how it makes you look so tanned.

The application is also really good. If you wanted to you can get away with one coat, but as I prefer to start with a thinner coat for better drying time, I did 2. That was last night.. then I played my guitar and I messed up my half-dried polish. So today I put a third coat + top coat (Nailtek II) for these pictures. But really, 2 coats is usually more than enough for this highly pigmented buttery baby. Very creamy, self-levelling, very easy to apply. I would advise you to use topcoat to make the surface more smooth (a bit bumpy) and shiny and to make the glitters pop out better. Looking at my photos, I could even have done with a second top coat as it still looks slightly gritty. Update: Next day I added another layer of top coat, it's much smoother, see photos for the result =)

Get it while you can, because I think availability is limited.

china glaze mahoganie
China Glaze Mahoganie - Bottle shot (flash)

Look at those pretty shiny glitters! The bottle shows a more red leaning color, that is not there in real life. It is a true brown. The pictures in artificial and natural light are pretty color accurate though.

china glaze mahoganie
China Glaze Mahoganie (Flash) + 1 top coat

china glaze mahoganie
China Glaze Mahoganie - Natural light + 2 top coats

The above picture is very color accurate, and look at that holographic microglitter! Like Fairy Dust!

china glaze mahoganie
China Glaze mahoganie - Artificial light - top coat 

china glaze mahoganie
China Glaze Mahoganie - Flash - 2 top coats

Sorry, I couldn't resist taking this pretty brown with my owl curtains =3 Looks a bit too red again, because of the flash. But shows the glitters really well!

What do you think of this glitter? Like, love, want?

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