Monday, 29 July 2013

China Glaze - Fuchsia Fanatic - Pedicure

Hello! I am still sick, actually I have been sick the whole weekend, laying lethargic on my bed, drowsy from the medication. Today I am starting to feel slightly better, and because I have been bored to death this entire weekend, I played with my polish a little bit. Pulled out this color from the 2012 Spring collection Electropop (what a beauty was that collection, wasn't it?).

china glaze fuchsia fanatic
China Glaze - Fuchsia Fanatic - Bottle shot
Actually, this is a color I am still surprised at picking up, because it is so.. normal. It is just a plain magenta pink creme. But it is bright and cheerful! Maybe that's what made this one stand out for me. Application is great too, very pigmented and 2 thin coats will give perfect coverage. No messy, gloopy layers. =D It evens itself out nicely, just gotta look out for bubbles. I still have problems applying cremes, they're so difficult to apply! Even when I think 'ohh so nice and smooth', when it dries, I see the bubbles appear. It's such a heart ache. Or when they don't level out well.. Eek! Dry time is pretty good too.

Anyway, I have put this on my toes (Now I think of it, I don't think I ever used this color of my fingernails much). It's such a cheer-up! Best remedy to any sick girl: a pretty polish on her nails.

I had a very hard time photographing this one, it wants to look red. I got a few shots that are pretty close to the real thing. 2 coats (second coat is a bit thicker, because my big toenail has such a big surface, it'll dry too fast if I use thin coat and will start dragging half-way through applying). I used China Glaze First and Last as my top coat. (Do NOT use this as a base coast! But as a top coat it's great, very shiny and okay dry time.

Well, enough gibberdigibber. On to the pics =)

china glaze fuchsia fanatic
China Glaze - Fuchsia Fanatic

Why doesn't Blogger allow me to rotate this picture! *Frustrated*. Anyway, here's a Swatch with my finger. I made it so you don't have a gape at my funny wriggly toes the whole time. This is 2 thin coats + top coat. This is how bright the color really is when the sun shines on it! It can be cute, it can be cool and funky too!

china glaze fuchsia fanatic
China Glaze - Fuchsia Fanatic - Flash

My rabbit always gets very jealous when I do my nails. He will follow me through the house when I'm trying to find good spots for color-accurate pictures. His nose ended up in this picture, but as this was the most color-accurate, I'll post it up. Bunny's Blog-tribute hehee..

This is with flash, taken in an entirely dark room (you try funny things when color doesn't want to come out pink and bright, well, it worked!). See how bright this is! It will look like this under the sun!

china glaze fuchsia fanatic
China Glaze - Fuchsia Fanatic - Natural light

This was taken in natural light. This is more how the color will look in the shade. Ignore the blue feet.. scary o.o

Well, for a color that is not that unique, I already typed way too much. It's good to have this type of basic color in your stash. You can do all kinds of styles with them. From girlie to rock chick to formal dinner party, it will all work!

Now I better get back to bed and rest. My headache is coming back as well. I go take my drowsy medicine and take a nap =) Have a good week ahead!

Which brand/color do you have in this shade? Which magenta pink is your favorite?

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