Wednesday, 3 July 2013

China Glaze - Life is Rosy - My first post!

I'd like to show you Life is Rosy from China Glaze, a warm dusty rosy pink creme.

All though everyone, including me, is anticipating the release of On the horizon, HoliGlaze and Monster Ball (autumn and winter 2013), I will be kicking off my blog with some older, but not less pretty polishes.

I have not touched my blog for years. I deleted all my old posts and shall devote it to my nail polish obsession instead. I have been posting all my nail photos on Facebook but I thought it would be fun to collect them all here. Initially for my own entertainment, but in the end hopefully helping people decide what colors they would like to get.

Well, here goes nothing.

china glaze life is rosy
Life is Rosy - Natural light
This is a the first color I got my hands on from the China Glaze 2013 Avant Garden collection, and it's called Life is Rosy. So far the other colors I have gotten from this great collection are: Fancy pants, Mimosa's before mani's, Tart-y for the party and Budding romance. Still on my wishlist: Sunday Funday!

Life is Rosy, don't you love that name? I've been looking for a nice dusty 'rose pink' and all though this is darker than I expected, it's still very nice and sweet. It definitely has some purple undertones in it as well.

I think my bottle was a funny one, as the polish is so thick and goopy, and comparing to all my other China Glaze bottles I never encountered it so bad as with this bottle. I had to add some thinner to be able to work it better. I have not had any  problems with the other colours from this collection, so maybe it's really just this bottle. After adding thinner, I managed to level it out without obvious streaking but it was still hard work. I read many reviews on this polish, and many were really positive about the formula, even calling it buttery. So yes, maybe it is really just my bottle. This is 2 thick, gooey coats + top coat.

Update: It really works much better now I added some thinner, goes on very smooth, and 2 nice thin layers gives great coverage, and levels out very well. ! I'm very happy with my bottle now! Yay~!

Also added this new picture (one with the bottle), made with a proper camera and with natural light, it's much more color accurate and I think after the below pictures, which are kinda awful, I owe you that. =) 

china glaze life is rosy
natural light

I do apologize for the blur picture. In real life it is slightly brighter, less muted, but this shows the dusty quality of the color well. Life is Rosy dries very shiny by itself, but I prefer a topcoat for longer wear. Dries a few shades darker than the bottle color. But I think that's pretty normal for cremes.

After a day of wearing I got a little bored of the colour and added some.. roses!

china glaze life is rosy nail art
Artificial light

china glaze life is rosy nail art
Artificial light

I used a little toothpick to draw the design. really need to get myself some of those nail dotting tools one of these days. They are so cheap, I can't believe I still haven't gotten them.

Will be wearing the colour again! It is a very warm dusty pink and a nice addition to any girl's collection. But not on my toes though, that's bound to look grandma! >.<

Have you had any problems with your bottle of life is Rosy being goopy/thick? Which are your favourite picks from the Avant Garden Spring 2013 collection?

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