Sunday, 21 July 2013

China Glaze - Trendsetter and Ingrid

Goodmorning! Last night I re-did my nails with China Glaze's Trendsetter and Ingrid. You probably have noticed by now I rarely wear 1 color entirely by itself. I love playing with colors and combining colors that compliment each other. I love how these 2 go so well together. I have been putting the bottles together many times but it never made it on to my nails yet. I love the result! Like some kind of tree fairy. Maybe I should try put some Konad fairy stamps on it when I get bored with them in a few days time. =P

china glaze trendsetter ingrid
Bottle shot for Trendsetter  81076 and Ingrid 80506

china glaze trendsetter ingrid
Bottle shot Trendsetter 81076 and Ingrid 80506

Trendsetter is a color from the Autumn 2011 Metro collection. It is a beautiful yellow-tones green with mild glassfleck shimmers inside. Let's get one thing out of the way first. I have read many reviews stating this is a mustard yellow, and I don't understand the universal agreement on this statement. It is absolutely a green, not mustard-yellow! A yellow-toned green, but green nonetheless. If my mustard ever turns this shade of green it's going straight into the garbage. Well, that is said and done. I feel much better. =x

I adore this color, it's so unique and amazing and fun to wear. I love all these olive and mossy kind of green shades, I think of all colors I have the most greens (followed by blues/purples).

The glassflecks add a beautiful dimension to the nails, but they are not too obvious from a distance. They aren't here to make your polish glittery and bling, they're here to give the color more depth. The application is absolutely fantastic, some of my nails are done in 1 coat! It is incredibly pigmented, China Glaze did a very good job on this one. It is an oldie but still available anywhere online, grab it while you can!

Ingrid is a China Glaze classic, though I only picked it up quite recently. It was part of the Vintage Vixen collection for Autumn 2008, but is now part of the core collection. From the bottle I admit I was a bit bored out by it, I'm not usually a fan of these kind of taupe shades and classify them 'boring and neutral'. However, I was so wrong about this color! The golden shimmer inside turn this boring taupe in a totally wearable and beautiful soft brown! And it really glows, it's not the standard taupe neutral at all! Slowly getting used to this color and falling in love with it. this is only the second time I'm wearing it since buying it.

The application for Ingrid is very good as well, but definitely need 2 coats. Just apply the first coat a bit thinner, and let it be patchy and streaky. A second, medium coat will cover all of that up nicely. I recommend a top coat for both to make the shimmers and glassflecks come out better.

Let's get on to the photo's. All are done in natural lighting (no flash), though the sun wasn't out this morning. they are pretty color accurate. I tried to make some close-up shots for you to show the mild shimmers and glassflecks inside of these beauties.

china glaze trendsetter ingrid
Ingrid and Trendsetter - Natural light

Hmpf! I hate it when I spent a lot of time getting my polish to look smooth and flawless, then when I make pictures they suddenly reveal to be messy, bubbly, aweful! Then when I look at the real thing, I swear they look so neat and nice! I don't know how all those big bloggers get their nails to look so flawless - I just use a q-tip with a bit of acetone to clean up, I don't use a fancy brush, even if I did it wouldn't turn up so smooth -, cuticle-less - I refuse to cut my cuticles away entirely, they're there for a reason girls! - and whatever else they do to make it so picture-perfect. These are a normal every day girl's mani, I post them for my own entertainment and I hope maybe there are some girls who find the information useful when choosing their polish.

Well, talking all together too much already, let's go on to the other pictures then!

china glaze trendsetter ingrid
Ingrid and Trendsetter - Natural light

china glaze trendsetter
China Glaze - Trendsetter 

china glaze ingrid
China Glaze - Ingrid

The mild glassfleck made this unique color even more special. Love!

I couldn't get the gold shimmer to come it well, it is very mild, but gives this color so much more depth.

china glaze trendsetter ingrid
Trendsetter and ingrid

You know I like full-hand shots! This is what it will look like. =)

My favorite of the 2 is definitely Trendsetter! Which one do you like? Do you have any of them?

Going to cycle to the park later with the husband and enjoy some fine sunday afternoon sunshine. =) Have a good sunday!

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