Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Face Shop - Colored Paper Nails - CMX321

Today I want to share with you all this amazing glitter from The face Shop. It's from a recent collection called Colored Paper Nails, which consists of 6 different glitters. And the glitters are made of.. paper! Which is fantastic, because it is: 1. Not chunky at all 2. Applies and spreads unlike any other glitter I ever tried and 3. Removal is not so disastrous (every girl loves and hates glitter because of this!)

This is CMX321, it actually has a name too, which is uncommon for face Shop polishes: this is called Tropical Candy! Such a yummy name, it makes me love this baby even more.

Because the glitter is made of paper, even though it is very colorful, is it still, well, for lack of a better word, modest, because the shine is not too strong. And it looks awesome on cremes, almost looks like you painted the dots yourself. This is my new favorite glitter!

There is just one thing negative about this glitter.. I would have liked this even more seeing it inside a China Glaze bottle! Didn't really like their most recent Glitz and Pieces glitters much.. they should try paper glitters too!

Dry time is good, application amazing, glitters are cute and colorful, result: Can't stop staring at it.

face shop colored paper nails CMX321
MX311 - So gorgeous!

The clear polish has some bigger hexagonal glitters in white, green and pink. Then there are small hexagonal blue and red glitters, square whit glitters, and tiny tiny hexagon white glitters. Very fun on almost any background color, and useful in many kinds of nail art for all seasons. Gotta get a back up bottle of this one.

I would like to share a tip with you as well. I have been painting my different glitters on the sticky side of a piece of cello tape, then covering it with another piece of cello tape. So you have a shiny clear film with your glitter trapped inside. With this, you can hold the strip against your bottles of polish and see which color you like best with your glitter, without having to get angry over failed manicures and waste precious polish. I did this for most of my glitters, and it proofed itself highly useful!

Let's move on to the pictures then. =)

face shop colored paper nails CMX321
MX311 Tropical Candy - Artificial light

This is 2 coats. No need to put big dollops on your nails to spread the glitters evenly. The glitters lie flat on the nail too, they don't drop or get stuck in your hairs, I love that too. I applied a top coat to make it a bit more shiny and long lasting, but it is not a must.

In case you are curious, the purples base colors are China Glaze Fancy Pants and Gothic Lolita (click here to go to full post of these colors). I can imagine this looking amazing on Def Defying (from the Cirque du Soleil collection) as well! I should get myself that color, even if it was just to wear it together with this glitter!

face shop colored paper nails CMX321
Close up =)

I'm not sure where this is available except directly from Korea. I asked the face Shop outlet here in Singapore and they informed me they don't carry this collection at all. I ordered it online directly from Korea and only paid SGD3 for it!

What do you think of this glitter? Do you have this or any other glitters from the Colored Paper collection?

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