Saturday, 6 July 2013

Nail Art - Field of flowers with Face It Wide Nails BL601

Today I want to share with you the nail art I did on my fingers and toes. I used a polish from a Korean brand called The face Shop, which I got to know about only after I moved to Singapore (we don't have this brand in Europe I think). Their polish is pretty affordable (about SG$8 per bottle) and quality is good, nice application and 3-free. I wish they would be more creative with their naming though, BL601 sounds pretty boring, yeah?

I love this color blue, it's sky blue with turquoise fine shimmer inside which gives it depth. I've been searching for this shade of color in China Glaze, but so far the nearest I have is Towel Boy Toy, which is just not the same (not so creamy, though it is a great color by itself, I will do a post on this color soon). Hope china Glaze will come with something similar, as I just love that brand. The Wide Nails series is pretty new, the brush is wider and pretty thick. I've seen several reviews saying girls just can't work with the brush, but I think it's really great. With 2 strokes your nail is covered and if you are a bit careful you can even cover the whole nail nicely with just 1 coat. It's very creamy and easy to apply, very pigmented. The shimmer shows more clearly from the bottle than on the nail, but it gives the polish some more depth. Under the sun you can see it sparkle a little like fine fairy dust. So anyway, I used this beautiful blue as the base for my flower grass and sky nail art. I used 1 thick and 1 thin coat (to cover up patches, like I mentioned, if I was more careful I could have done with just 1 coat).

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I just used a simple toothpick to draw the grass, and use a chopstick as my dotting tool to make the flowers. The sky is sponged on.

nail art flower face it wide nails bl601
Artificial light

nail art flower face it wide nails bl601
Natural light

nail art flower face it wide nails bl601
Natural light

If you're wondering how I managed to make this shot, my hubby helped me shoot it. I actually made this mani once before but the photo's are pretty bad and I really liked it, so I did it again to share with you. It's a warm summery sunny day and I felt like something flowery and bright.

I actually tried to some a gradient with 3 colors first, but it was so horrible, I removed it immediately. I just can't get my sponging technique right, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. A lot of girls say it is one of the easiest techniques to do for nail art. Maybe the sponge I use (simple make up sponge) is not the right kind. Anyone got any tips on sponging?

nail art flower face it wide nails bl601
All colors used

Products used:

Primer: OPI Chip Skip (love this product)
Base coat: China Glaze First and last
Base color: Face It Wide Nails BL601
Sky: Some white shimmery polish from Meiji, very crappy quality actually, you don't want it, but I kept it for nail art purposes. maybe I'll get China Glaze White on White one day)
Grass: Essence in green and China Glaze AGRO
Flowers: China Glaze Solar power and China Glaze Breakin'
Top coat: China Glaze Fast Forward (no girl can live without this)

When I'm wearing them, I'll make posts for the used China Glaze colors. All 3 are very nice.

What do you think of this Face Shop polish range/color?

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