Wednesday, 3 July 2013

China Glaze - Peachy Keen and Bahamian Escape

Hi everyone, I would like to share with you what is currently on my nails.

I have this mood for pastels lately. One reason be it because I am experimenting with Konad stamping, and I NEED them for the light background and other nail art purposes. The other reason because I have like zero pastels in my collection yet and I really need to change that.

I have asked a whole bunch of pastels for my birthday and if dreams come true, that will change soon.

So anyway, I did this 'fake pastel' mani alternating 2 totally great China Glaze colors: Bahamian Escape 80875 and Peachy Keen 80938. Two pretty cremes and must-haves.

china glaze peachy keen bahamian escape
Peachy Keen and Bahamian Escape

The color in the bottle is a few shades lighter than the results on your nail. It dries up a little bit brighter.

Bahamian Blue is this gorgeous baby-blue. Not really a pastel of course, it is brighter and happy. It is soft, but has this energy and warmth to it that I love. Even though this is from an older series (Bahamian Blues from Winter 2008) the formula is very pleasant to work with and nearly a one-coater! It is very pigmented, is super smooth and dries very shiny.

Peachy keen is from the Up & Away collection, which is a gorgeous collection launched in spring 2010. I love this collection, not one dull colour in there! This is a very beautiful perfect Peach colour, it leans much more orange than pink. It's bright and cute. In the Netherlands we have this drink called Peach yoghurt drink, and Peachy Keen is exactly THAT colour. So whenever I wear this, I can almost smell the yoghurt drink and I want to drink my polish bottle empty. It's so juicy! Pigmentation on this one is also great.

 Application very smooth and buttery, 2 nice coats gives perfect coverage. The creme levels itself very well. Update: This needs some serious re-thinking. Maybe it was beginner's luck, but I tried using Peachy Keen a few more times and application and formula was just awful, even the worst of all my China Glaze cremes, which usually go on so smooth and buttery. 

Yes, pigmentation is great, but it bubbles, streaks, bad coverage, stays patchy whatever you do, it's thick, doesn't level itself at all.. I keep putting it on, then removing it, because it's just such a mess.. After 3 coats it is still not covered well, and when I add a forth coat it just becomes one thick gloopy patchy mess that didn't want to level out smoothly. 

And I'm wondering how on earth I managed to get it so smooth and even when I did this post earlier this month. I even added some thinner to my bottle, but it just makes things worse, now it's thick, gloopy but runny at the same time. Sighs..I ordered refresh-mint and I really hope formula on that one is better than this (same collection).

Drying time for both is normal. Both dry very shiny and glossy by itself.

On to the pictures then, shall we?

Oh man I hate how these pictures show every horrible detail. I swear my ridges are not that obvious! And since when were there air bubbles in my polish! For lack of better picture, here goes. The Peachy Keen wants to look more orange on my picture with artificial light, the pictures in the sun are much closer to the real color.

china glaze peachy keen bahamian escape
Artificial light

china glaze peachy keen bahamian escape

The above picture is more color accurate for the Peachy Keen.

china glaze bahamian escape

Close up for Bahamian Escape. The blue dries up quite a few shades than the bottle colour, but that's a good thing. It is brighter than the bottle. this one is pretty colour accurate. Please ignore that red finger, I don't know what my camera did to it.

china glaze peachy keen bahamian escape                   

What do you think of these colours? Do you have them?

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