Wednesday, 10 July 2013

China Glaze - Fancy Pants and Gothic Lolita

Hello there! I felt like wearing purple and combined these 2 purples. They are both from a spring collection,  Gothic Lolita (80743) from spring 2012 - Electropop, and Fancy Pants (81195)  from the latest spring collection 2013 Avant garden. Both are gorgeous, and they are very fun to wear together!

Fancy pants is the first color I noticed from the Avant Garden collection and I knew I must have. Even more than I wanted Budding Romance and Mimosa's before Mani's, which I think I now prefer over this blurple beauty.) The color is a little muted and dark. But now that I am wearing it again, I still like it alot. I combined it with Gothic Lolita so it's not so dark and a little more happy.

Fancy Pants is a dusty kind of blurple, I find it very hard to say whether it leans more to blue or purple, it depends on the light. In the pictures it tends to look more blue, and a lot of swatches I have seen are not color accurate at all and look much too blue. If I had to chose, I'll say it is more purple. And it has this fantastic purple and magenta shimmer inside that caused me to like it so much. A very fun and unique color indeed, but I need to really have the mood for it. It reminds me of those cute three-colored violets. Application is good, drying time average, 2 medium coats does the job. Don't put too thin coats, it will make the result a bit streaky somehow. If you like your nails shiny, you will definitely need a top coat as well.

Gothic Lolita is a medium red-leaning purple, it is actually a very unique color and it is very hard to describe. You have to see it for real! It appears a bit dusty and muted, but there is a pretty subtle shimmer inside that seems to shift color between magenta and royal purple, giving this color a very mysterious glow. I love it, even more than I thought I would. The application is good and smooth, 2 nice medium coats will do the job.

On to the pictures!

china glaze fancy pants gothic lolita
Bottle shot, artificial light

china glaze fancy pants gothic lolita
Bottle shot, sunlight

Please ignore the glitter on my fingers, but I am posting this picture because it shows the color and shimmer inside Gothis Lolita pretty accurately. You can see the darker purplish bluish mysterious haze over the base color.

china glaze fancy pants gothic lolita
Artificial light

china glaze fancy pants gothic lolita
Articifial light, full hand shot

I always like to see full-hand shots of colors when I browse for swatches on the internet, so I can imagine the actual results and impact of a color better. So here you go ^^

china glaze fancy pants gothic lolita
             Fancy pants, Artificial light + flash

Once again, please ignore that glitter nail, but I felt I had to add this picture in this post as it shows the shimmer inside Fancy Pants really well. It's what makes this color more unique and stand out. If you want to know more about that glitter, click here.

If you want to see Fancy Pants and Gothic Lolita used in pansies nail art, you can click here.

Which of these spring purples do you like best? Do you have them?

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