Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Face Shop - Face It - Festival Nails collection

I just picked up these 2 bar glitters from Korean brand The Face Shop. Could not resist them and hubby bought them for me!

There are about 5 or 6 different ones in total. I usually don't buy this kind of glitters, but these 2 really stood out to me. The combination of colors and the bar glitter makes them unique.

MX311 I see silver, red, green, sky-blue and orange bar glitter and some sparse hexagonal chunks of yellow/gold glitter in a clear base. Definitely a color bomb. The bar glitters are also different sized, the silver glitters look slightly shorts and thinner.

I can't wait to use this for Christmas nail art! I have not had the chance to use it on my nails but I did some test strips and application seems good, brush picks up the glitters well, and can be spread out evenly without too much effort. We all know how hard it can be to work with this kind of glitter, but this is actually not bad!

If you want the yellow chunky glitter you might have to do a bit of digging, but I personally like that because I can choose to use this polish without the yellow chunks, as I would not want to use those big chunks all the time. Definitely best for layering over other colors and nail art. I really can imagine this on x-mas tree nail art. The bars are the garlands and the yellow chunks are baubles *dreams on*

BL601 What can I say.. I am currently wearing a different color from Face It (Wide Nails) and it was also called BL601.. Why can't they give their polish some cute/unique names for a change! Anyway, I love this one because of the colors of the glitter. Another clear base with purple, green and turquoise bar glitters. This one has no hexagon chunks inside. I am looking forward to use this one as gradient on purple, green or blue cremes.

Application is same as the above. Drying time for both is good, even if I put 2 thick layers on top of each other it dries quite fast. Surface feels smooth, not chunky.

Such festive and fun glitters! All glitters are of the metallic bling bling kind. Very colorful and fun! Might be a bit early in the season to come out with such glitters, but who cares! We love it.

face shop festival nails bl601 mx311
BL601 and MX311 Artificial light

face shop festival nails bl601
BL601 Sunlight

I managed to catch some sunlight and shot this, it shows the colors of BL601 very well. You can see there are some slightly bigger green bars inside the mixture. I love the purple bars inside. Doesn't it make you happy? I can't stop looking at the bottle.

face shop festival nails bl601
BL601 Sunlight

Applied it on my pinky for swatching. This is 3 coats. no top coat.

face shop festival nails mx311
MX311 Sunlight

Colorbomb MX311 in the sunlight, showing off all it's colors. Only after this picture I realized there is actually orange inside too!

face shop festival nails mx311
MX311 Sunlight

2 thick coats on my pinkie. No topcoat. Took a while to get just that 1 yellow hexagon in there. But other than that the glitter spreads out nicely.

I do apologize for the visible bubbles in the pictures, I just can't see them with my normal eye, but on the camera they suddenly appear. Even now I know where they are, I can't spot them. So they are nothing to worry about or to make you stop buying these babies.

face shop festival nails mx311
MX311 - Natural light on pink

Update: I added the above picture to my post, to show you how MX311 looks on pink! The base color is China Glaze Life is Rosy, for full review, click here.

If you want your nail to be a full opaque coat of glitter, this is not for you. But if you want to use this for layering, it's perfect.

Available at The Face Shop for SG$ 7.90 per bottle.

What do you think of these cute glitters?

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