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China Glaze - Sunsational - That's Shore Bright

Today I want to show you this very cool color from the 2013 Summer collection Neons on the Shore/Sunsational. This collection is devided in 6 cremes and 6 jellies. I have read many reviews and was very unsure whether to get any, as so many girls are so negative about the formula. I really loved this purple creme, and as people have been saying this has the best formula out of all the cremes, I went for it.

Update 7 November 2013: *I have finally gotten myself Too Yacht to Handle and Highlight of my Summer, from the same series, as well!  You may find Highlight of my Summer over here, Too Yacht to handle here.*

china glaze that's shore bright
That's Shore Bright + Top coat
No regrets! This is That's Shore Bright, a beautiful creme, not quite neon, but definitely bright! The shade is amazing, very unique to me, and I love it the same way I love Gothic Lolita, which is another China Glaze shade that is in the same league, a gorgeous medium red-leaning purple. See Lolita's full review here. I actually think I will love all cremes in this collection, and now I have tried this one, I am feeling pretty safe to try the rest. Because, really:

The formula is pretty good! Especially for a creme AND a neon. We all know how hard cremes can be to apply, and I do have a personal problem with cremes. If the formula is bad or thick, I will never get it on smoothly. But really, and this is coming from me, this formula is not bad! I did 2 thin layers for the pictures below, and coverage is fantastic. Very pigmented! Because 2 thin layers is enough, you can avoid this from getting too chunky or uneven. So go easy on your amount and it should come out just fine. Application is pretty smooth and creamy, thickness is just nice, no flooded cuticles and no chunks.

What I did experience is that I had some swirls of white pigment on my first few nails, so you gotta shake your bottle very well before using it. The polish does level itself, but not as much as I would've liked. Be gentle on your brush strokes, and remember to use thin layers!

It dries up in this beautiful satin finish (see below picture, please ignore the smudges, I don't clean up until I'm all done hehe). Everyone who used neons before, will know that neons dry up matte. And I will always, always put a top coat to make it shiny and to make the color pop. Well, this is actually the first polish I would wear on it's own, because the finish is so amazing and cool. It's not matte, it's like satin, and it feels like satin too! I keep touching it =X I did use a top coat though, to make it more durable (my precious Nail Tek II). The dry time is, this being a neon, very fast, which is another thing that I love about it.

china glaze that's shore bright
That's Shore Bright - No top coat

This is one of my favorite polishes for this summer. And the formula is pretty good, so girls, do not hesitate on this one because of bad formula reviews. It's really not so bad.

I am going to get the other cremes next month (save up hehe) and I am expecting Sun of a Peach and Highlight of my Summer to be the worst formula-wise, as those type of colors are usually pretty horrible to apply. But then, if this beauty can make it, how bad can they really be? I'll just have to find out myself because I love love love all the swatches I have seen from them. I will post on them when the time comes.

Here are the other pictures (all artificial light) I have for you for That's Shore Bright:

china glaze that's shore bright

china glaze that's shore bright

china glaze that's shore bright

I am not so into the jellies part of this collection, the only 2 colors that speak to me are Isle see you later and You drive me coconuts. But as Isle see you later is so so sheer,I might just pass, and I am still not sure about Coconuts, as I have NO bright neon pinks yet and not sure if it would suit me.

Oh, I have one more shot for you, which is a comparison to some random pink and blue colors, as to give you a better impression of where on the rainbow this color fits in. You see it leans much closer to Strawberry Fields, which is a hot pink, than to the blurple Fancy Pants and blue Splish Splash. So it's a really red-leaning purple. I love this kind of purple! How about you?

that's shore bright comparison
That's Shore Bright - color comparison - L-R: Strawberry Fields,
That's Shore Bright, Fancy Pants, Splish Splash

This post is a happy start of my holiday! My birthday is coming soon and as my own birthday gift, I took the whole week off! I am not returning to office until august 14! My dear colleagues have gifted me.. *drum ruffles*.. nail polishes! Actually, we all have wish lists so as to make sure we buy each other gifts we really like/want. Is that cheating? Who cares! Anyway, so I'll have a lot of fun testing those out over the coming week.

They're all pastels, I have been desperately avoiding them out of fear for not matching my pale skintone and the thick patchy formulas and my great fear for creme application. But hey, sometimes we gotta step out of our box and get in for some pleasant surprises! Since I discovered China Glaze my fear for cremes has somewhat lessened and slowly my collection is getting some really pretty, gorgeous and good formula cremes. I think I'm going to love these pastels too. Get ready for pastel reviews over the coming weeks. <3 Hope you have a great weekend!

With love, Eileen

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