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China Glaze - I'm With The Lifeguard and Turned Up Turquoise

I am really in the mood for brights lately, and recently I was gifted China Glaze I'm with the Lifeguard, which is my first true neon and suits my mood completely. I am absolutely loving it! I am combining it with Turned up Turquoise right now, a combination I personally love. This manicure makes me so so happy =D

china glaze i'm with the lifeguard turned up turquoise
I'm with the Lifeguard and Turned Up Turquoise

The bottle shots look muted and blue-toned, please do not refer to them for the color as they are not very accurate. I do apologize for this. Please refer to the other nail shots for the colors, which are all pretty color-accurate ^_^

Both are neons are both have a fine shimmer inside, which is one reason to love them even more. The shimmer makes them easier to apply and gives them a little extra something, these babies pop and make an amazing summer manicure. Or, actually any time of the year. I don't care, whatever makes me happy~

china glaze i'm with the lifeguard turned up turquoise
I'm with the Lifeguard and Turned Up Turquoise

Turned Up Turquoise is from the China Glaze 2008 Ink collection. I'm not sure how the rest of this collection is like, this is the only one I own and tried before. It is a beautiful bright true turquoise shade.

I did 2 medium coats for this mani, but as it was a little patchy here and there, I did some touch ups which are now invisible. The pigmentation is really good for a neon. The trick with this one is to not be too stingy with the amount you put on your brush, to apply with very little pressure, and not to touch up/re-stroke on fresh strokes until your coat dried. I did that, and it caused me to have cuticle drag, which is so hard to cover up! Though this one let's you patch up without looking too obvious, so that's great. So 2 medium coats, + here and there some touch up.

The polish levels itself out pretty well. Just remember to be careful not to put too much pressure on the brush. All in all, the formula for this one is pretty great. Not too thin, not too thick, no flooding and very pigmented.

I'm With the Lifeguard is from the China Glaze 2012 Summer neons collection. A very good collection with good formulas and nice colors. Splish Splash and Pink Plumeria are two other of my favorites from this collection. Lifeguard is a beautiful bright neon green, and I believe this color has been launched due to the great demand for a re-launch of Limonyte - A long-since discontinued and amazingly popular cult-status color by China Glaze which looks nearly the same, though I do not own it. Let's all hope Lifeguard will make it into China Glaze's core collection.

The formula for this one is a bit more thin, and it is a bit more tricky to work with. Because the color is so bright and contrasts with your skin so much, every little patch is visible. I used thin coats to slowly build up opacity, this is 4 coats. I would have gone with 3, but I know photos will show up patches not visible to the naked eye, so because I want to share it with all of you, I did a forth, very thin coat to cover up some minor patches.

It looked a little bumpy as well, did not even out so good. But with a top coat this is fixed pretty good. The trouble is totally worth the beautiful color result.

Look at that sparkle that the sunlight reflects~!

The above photo is pretty true to the real color. It's that bright! All pictures are made in the direct sunlight, unless otherwise stated. I have no garden or balcony (sobs), so in the few hours the sun hits through my bedroom window, I try to quickly go and make all my swatch pictures hehee.. I also knocked something and now there is this crater on my middle finger.. grr! Hate it when that happens. Kindly ignore it. I'm not gonna patch that up because I know I'll only be making it more obvious rather than hiding it.  ^_^ Talking way too much, back to the polish!

These will, as expected, dry up matte (below picture, also see how bumpy Lifeguard looks without topcoat?) When they do you can barely see the shimmer. But once you put your top coat it's like magic, all the shimmer starts coming out. It's gorgeous!

I'm with the lifeguard turned up turquoise
Lifeguard and Turquoise - Sunlight, no top coat

I used Nail Tek II for my base and top coat. Shiny and will make it last the whole week! (And my nails are so weak and brittle so that if I don't use Nail Tek, they'll just snap double and ruin my whole mani). If I should have any Holy grail, this product surely must be it.

I think both shades are fan's favorites. I certainly adore them. I couldn't chose a favorite out of the two. Well, if I must.. I'm With The Lifeguard! Hehe.. China Glaze is so good making this type of colors. I also put it on my toetsies! Wanna see how that looks? I know, looks a little messy, but no one is going to notice that until you make a picture, so I don't care. ^_^

china glaze i'm with the lifeguard pedicure
I'm with the Lifeguard on the toes

I love how this kind of brights make you look tanned. I feel like going under the sun now, maybe I go for a cycle in the park after I finish my laundry. Oh before I forget, I give you my full hand shots, so you can see how the end result would look. These are all pretty color-accurate~!

china glaze i'm with the lifeguard turned up turquoisechina glaze i'm with the lifeguard turned up turquoise

Another shot for you, to show how it looks in the shade under artificial light (daytime, no flash):

china glaze i'm with the lifeguard turned up turquoise
Full hand shot - artificial light

What a great start of august, and a great start of my 'mini summer holiday'. Ahh what shall I do next? I have so much time for myself! I think I am going to the park now and bring my book. I'll finish my laundry tonight. I promise ^_^ have a great week to all of you, whether you're free from school, whether you're working, or whatever you do~!

With love, Eileen

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