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China Glaze - White Cap

Hello, I'd like to show you White Cap, a glassflesk shimmer from the Anchors Away spring 2011 collection. And come on, what a cute name. It reminds me of little white mushrooms and little leprichauns. =x

I didn't like this collection too much, but I love the China Glaze glassflecks so White Cap got my attention. Would it turn any plain polish into a glassfleck!? Well, almost! because this is great for layering!

china glaze white cap 80970
China Glaze - White Cap

White Cap 80970 - I am not sure if this fully qualifies for a glassfleck, but they sure look like it. The shimmers are floating in a semi-transparent milky formula. Application is easy and smooth. I have not used it often, but it is fun!

You can use it as a normal polish too, but I don't like the look much. The gold glow of it makes your nails look really yellow and gross. (My nails are already yellow and gross without it, so it's even worse xD) It is really much more suitable for layering over other colors, and I am pretty sure that's what China Glaze intended for this color.

The actual color is hard to determine, it depends on the light. In most lights it looks like a silver shimmer, but in the sun it turns gold, and under artificial light, it even turns to a multi-color pastel shimmer! Do you know how Snow Globe looks like? The color shift is similar to that, pastel like pearlescent twinkles.

Used as a top coat it gives your polish an almost pearl-like or frosty finish. It really shape-shifts depending on the light. A very fun polish to play around with.

china glaze white cap
China Glaze - White Cap

I took many pictures to show you what this color looks like, but it's so hard to capture! The above picture, made under natural light (shade) shows the pearlescent quality and the fine glassfleck shimmers. The flecks look silver while the overall glow is gold. It's magical!

You can also see the milky base well. Not to worry, it does not dull your base color!

china glaze white cap
China Glaze - White cap - Blurred out shot

I tried to photograph how it looks when it shifts to the fairy-like multi-colors, but it proof impossible to capture. Only the above shot, which is a horrible shot it inself, shows a slight sparkle of green and yellow. You'l have to take my word for it.

And this is how it looks like when worn layered over a base color, shown different colors:

china glaze white cap pastel
China Glaze - White Cap on pastels

As soon as I have shots of White Cap on other, maybe darker colors, I'll update this post. I also should post a swatch of the color on natural nail. And I am sure this would look amazing on plain black creme, or gray. Once my current mani wears out, I'll update this post with more looks. <3

If you are curious about the pastel colors used in the above picture, please click here for a full review.

08-09-2013: Hi, quick update for you! I took some swatches with darker colors for your comparison. I quickly did these swatches a few days back, my friend wanted to borrow White Cap so quickly made swatches so I could pass my bottle to her. I don't have too many creme's, I chose those I thought would turn out nice.

The colors I used below to show you are: L-R: Fuchsia fanatic, Life is Rosy, Exotic encounters, Westside warrior and Call of the wild (all China Glaze colors).

china glaze skittle
China Glaze colors before adding White Cap

China Glaze - Dark cremes + White Cap

China Glaze - dark cremes + White Cap

I think my favorite combi's are Exotic Encounters (from the 2012 autumn Safari collection) and Westside Warrior (from the 2011 autumn Metro collection). Like a mermaid's tail, very pretty and I kept looking at them! The combi with Call of the wild somehow reminds me a little of Wagontrail, an oldie from the (was it 2005?) Rodeo collection. But it's a little dark for my liking.

I really disliked how it looks with Life is Rosy, very grandma hehe. if you are interested in a full review for Life is Rosy, you can click here, it's pretty cute by itself.

And the combi with Fuchsia Fanatic.. I came to the shocking discovery... This is exactly like the China Glaze glassfleck called Strawberry fields! I tested my friend, who loves Strawberry fields, and asked her if she liked my polish. She straight away said "That's Strawberry fields"! But it was Fuchsia Fanatic + White Cap. Well, maybe it'll give you a better idea of the kind of finish this polish will bring you. Below my thumb next to my bottle of Strawberry fields, sorry for the blur shot! I wanted to show the shimmer, but it wouldn't want to show well in a clear shot.

China Glaze - Fuchsia Fanatic + White Cap
Nail = Fuchsia Fanatic + White Cap
Bottle = Strawberry Fields

Well, hope these extra shots with darker colors will give you a better idea of the diversity of looks you can create with this fun polish! Please excuse the horrible state my nails in, and the smudges on my cuticles. 
I didn't have a lot of time >.<

Do you like white Cap? Do you use it for layering or on your natural nail? What base colors do you like to use under White Cap?

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