Monday, 4 November 2013

Seche Vite: Reason of my awfully short nails!

Ugh, I am so upset I am going to write a separate post on this. A black page in my nail diary.

I have not posted anything new (when I see my last post on China Glaze - Running around in circles, I feel like crying! My nails aren't doing this beautiful polish any justice T.T )  for months because my nails are this short, miserable bunch of junk. Just too embarrassing to display any beautiful polishes on. Apart from not being able to grow them too long due to me playing guitar on a daily basis, I have found the real culprit to my frustrations and pains: SECHE VITE!

Yes, Seche Vite officially ruined my nails. I will never use it for my fingernails ever again..

Seche Vite
This is the culprit of all evil!

I have been very upset about my nails being this horrible and ghastly for so long now, and every time I use Seche Vite they start to peel and look so dry. They dry up the nail bed and ruin my nails totally, like one horrid chemical mess.. *extremely upset with Seche Vite*

Usually my nails would be dry and weak if unprotected by nailpolish. Now my nails seemed better without than with my usual coat of polish.. strange.. and then I suddenly realized! It's my top coat!

I stopped using Seche Vite for 1 week and there is instant improvement on my nail condition. Immediately ordered China Glaze Fast Dry Top Coat again, Seche Vite --> garbage can.

Seche vite
Bye bye Seche Vite!

I can't understand why I see so many good reviews on this product. Many girls claim this to be their holy grail. Maybe my nails are too sensitive and thin for this highly chemical product. I mean, it does go through all layers of nail polish just to dry everything fast, and there is toluene inside, a very unhealthy chemical. How can that be any good?

Maybe it works better if you have thick strong nails. The only good thing about SV is that it dries up so shiny making any manicure or pedicure just gorgeous! And it does dry very very fast. But the side effects on my nails are just not worth it.

Now I'm slowly letting my pathetic stumps grow so I can finally start posting pretty polishes again~! I ordered some new polishes (haven't bought any for a while, what's the point!) and really hoping to be showing them to you soon on clean, neat looking nails.

Warning: No bottles of Seche Vite were harmed during this photo shoot. I will ask my friend if she wants to adopt my bottle, she has nice, strong nails so maybe she wants to give it a try. ^_^

Are there any girls out there with similar experiences with this product? I am glad to hear!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree!!

I had suspected that SV ruined my nails - I LOVE my nail polish and loved the fact SV would dry it so fast but my nails have never been so bad in all my life. Dry, brittle, flaking and chipping. Just horrible!!!

Thank you for your post - you confirmed my suspicions!


SamanthaB said...

I have just been Googling this exact topic to see if I'm going mad. Every time I remove my polish, my nails are worse whereas polish usually helps them. Even my toes have started peeling and I think it's the Seche Vite. Boo. It's the only thing that keeps my polish on long enough. So annoying!