Thursday, 12 September 2013

China Glaze - Running in Circles

Hello fellow polish lovers, Today I wish to show you something I never wear because I love it so much, I don't want my bottle to ever finish. This is Running in Circles, from last year's Cirque du Soleil collection. A very mixed collection with a little bit of everything. I love green and I love glassfleck, so naturally, I love Running in Circles. Other colors from this collection that I like are Water you waiting for and It's a Trapeze.

china glaze running in circles
China Glaze - Running in Circles - 81124
Running in circles 81124 - This is a beautiful emerald and Christmas green, it's very bright and very shimmery. I made many pictures but none of them do the color full justice. I tried the sun and the shade and flash and artificial light. Those under artificial light turned out most color accurate, the sun makes the color come out too dark.

Formula-wise, it's really great. Applies nice and smooth, though you gotta be a bit aware of cuticle flowing. But other than that it's very easy to handle. Evens out nicely, dries reasonably fast and dries up shiny, though a top coat will bring out the shine better.

You will need 3 coats for full opacity, 2 coats is still a little patchy. While 3 layers is usually not a problem and the formula is good so it dries fast and doesn't get clumpy, I wish it was only 2 because I don't want my bottle to finish..

Many of my girl friends who has seen me wear it asks what it is that I wear on my nails, and even my husband says he likes it alot. No wonder this is a fan's favorite of the Cirque du Soleil collection. Absolute love it. This should be entered under China Glaze's core collection. Then we don't have to worry about finishing our bottle so much =x

china glaze running in circles
China Glaze - Running in Circles - Under the sun

My nails are still cruelly short. I have been giving them a SolarOil treatment, and it seems a bit better now. They just kept peeling non-stop. I am going to try not using Seche Vite for a while because I have a feeling it is not good for my nails. Actually now I come to think of it, they haven't been this bad until I started using Seche Vite last month. Back to using my Nail Tek II as both base coat and top coat again. Just gotta be a bit more patient with the drying time. And see if it goes better..

Anyway, enough of the nonsense chit chat. Let's show you a few more pictures of this gorgeous polish.

china glaze running in circles
China Glaze - Running in Circles + top coat

Once again, the true color of this beauty is really hard to capture. You'll have to see it for real to fully appreciate it. All I can keep saying is: it is super duper shimmery because of the pretty glassflecks inside. It's almost like a foil (of course it isn't). That's how shimmery and shiny it is. You will definitely draw attention with this color!

china glaze running in circles
Running in circles - Under the sun + top coat
china glaze running in circles
Running in Circles - Full hand shot (top coat)

This is great for a Christmas mani, but perfect as a fun and bright summer color too. Anyway, I wear any color I feel like when I feel like. So should you~! Winter, autumn, summer or spring.

Update 27-12-13: I used this in my Christmas manicure for 2013, and it's so suitable! If you are curious, you can view it here.

What do you think of this pretty green jewel?

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