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The Face Shop - Face it Wide Nails - PK101 and GR501

Hi guys, I would like to show you these 2 beautiful colors from this year's summer collection under de Face it range Wide Nails. I love this range, the brush is fantastic to work with, it's very thick , slightly rounded at the end and flat. I need just one single brush stroke for my pinkie to give perfect coverage and smooth finish! One stroke!!! Here are the 2 colors I'd like to share with you today: PK101 and GR501. Once again face Shop was very creative with their naming.. I wonder how many different colors carry the same name..

face it wide nails pk101 gr501
Face it Wide Nails - PK101 and GR501

The application for both colors is similar. The coverage is very good, even for the green one. 2 coats will do it, though you may want to go for a third if you are more particular. But 2 medium coats will do the job well. Very smooth and with the brush it's awesome. Here's a picture of how the brush actually looks:

Wide Nails - GR501 - Brush detail

There is a fine microglitter in both of the colors (the whole range has them), making it easier to apply and giving the color a bit more depth. I love these so much! I was looking for a pink like this. And then I couldn't leave the green one too.. I got both of them at the Face Shop for SG$ 7.90 each. You might be able to get them cheaper online.

face it wide nails pk101
Face it Wide Nails - PK10
face it wide nails pk101
Face it Wide Nails - PK101 

PK101 is a beautiful nearly neon blue-leaning pink. It's bright and happy, and it just shouts 'Summer!'. The shade is perfect, it doesn't make you look 'barbie', it's more of a punky cool kind of pink. If you get my drift. =P The fine shimmer (it's almost too find to really call it glitter) has a silver/pinkish quality, I love colors with a bit of shimmer as they make them so much nicer to apply and they just glow more.

Please ignore that dent on my middle finger >.< I used Seche Vite as my top coat, making it super shiny. The polish dries up shiny by itself, but a bit of extra shine from a top coat will bring out the shimmer even better, so I highly recommend to use a top coat.

I had some shrinkage from the Seche Vite (fast dry) after 1 day, which I usually don't really have problems with. I'm not sure why, I don't have this problem when I use Seche Vite with China Glaze.

Anyway, a beautiful, fun color for summer! Looks very good on short nails too, so a good color for me at the moment. =x

The second picture is very color accurate. You can see the fine glow of shimmer and also how bright it is! Love this. The best shot I had was this one, and I apologize for the fur sticking to my finger. I didn't notice it until I upload it into my computer. Please blame this molting long-eared furry little fellow that is hopping around in my house and looks like this:

Scary Monster

I couldn't resist that~ Anyway, the second color I am very keen to show you is this awesome poisonous toad green. I am wearing it on my wriggly toetsies now, I know, I keep making you all look at my toes, not very sexy. But I really want to show you how it looks!

GR501 Is a very yellow-leaning green, I love this kind of shades, they go very well with pale skintones and look bright and nice. Actually, when I wear this on my toes - believe it or not - it looks quite neutral. Not too shocking or weird or whatever. It's beautiful, and I love it even more than I thought I would. Something like a bright version of China Glaze trendsetter (click here to see what Trendsetter looks like).

face it wide nails GR501
Face it Wide Nails - GR501

Took this bottle shot to show you the gorgeous subtle shimmer inside it, it is very difficult to capture once on the nail. Don't you love this! I wish the shimmer would translate onto the nail just like that, unfortunately it doesn't.

Below I took 2 shots of the end result, one in flash and one without flash. The shot without flash shows the color how it really looks like, this is a very very accurate picture of the end-result.

face it wide nails GR501
Face it Wide Nails - GR501 - Color accurate

The flash will bring out the depth with the shimmer, but makes the color too yellow-toned, and not as color-true.

face it wide nails GR501
Face it Wide Nails - GR501 - Flash

Below the colors I have collected this spring and summer from this Wide nails range, I think my favorites are the blue (full review click here) and this green. And this pink is so nice too! They are all so pretty <3 How to choose! I saw some darker colors in the stores the last few visits, some dark purple and green, maybe I'll have a go at them next month.

face shop face it wide nails 2013
Wide Nails launched 2013

Do you like the Wide Nails range? What do you think of the bruch? Which colors are your favorites, and your least favorites?

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