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China Glaze - Sunsational - Highlight of my Summer

Dear reader,

Today I would like to show you this beautiful and very unique color from the creme series of the 2013 summer collection Sunsational. It is called Highlight of my Summer!

china glaze sunsational cremes

I have been drooling over this beauty for a while, but could not resist any longer. I just bought this together with Too Yacht too Handle, which I will be swatching some time soon as well you may click here for a full review.

The other shade I have from the same creme series is That's Shore Bright, which I already posted a while back and you can find it here. I think all colors from this series (total 6 shades) have similar finish and application. I'd love to have all (Bottoms up, Sun of a Peach, Neon on & On are not in my collection), but I just can't justify buying so many pinks and corals. Maybe one day I'll still be getting Peach, it really looks gorgeous!

china glaze - highlight of my summer
China Glaze - Highlight of my Summer - with top coat

Highlight of my summer 81328 - I love this color so much, and I got exactly what I expected. Most swatches you find on the web are all pretty color-accurate.

The application is pretty good! I think the pigmentation is just as hard to achieve as any light or yellow or lime-green nail polish, but it is super pigmented and creamy. What I found to work best, is to apply multiple, thinner layers rather than slap on 2 thick layers, so to avoid an uneven application. It dries really fast anyway as all neons do, so just use a few more thin layers until patches are fully covered. My swatches are all 3 thin layers. Thickness is just nice too. I know a lot of people complained about the formula for this one, even to be the worst out of the 6 cremes in Sunsational. I think it's nice to apply, especially for a neon and a creme.

As I mentioned drying time is very fast, and just like my other 2 colors from the same collection, the matted finish is absolutely adoring. Like silky satin! Much nicer than the usual matte finish those neons can have. Gorgeous with or without top coat!

Here are some shots without top coat for you, shot under artificial light. They are not as accurate as I want them to be.. so hard to capture this color! It's much more fluorescent and bright! The shade seems a bit off too, it's more yellow-leaning.

china glaze - highlight of my summer
China Glaze - Highlight of my Summer - No top coat

China Glaze - Highlight of my Summer - No top coat

What this color reminds me of most, is how glow in the dark looks like in the dark (does that makes sense?). It's a very unique and amazing fluorescent color, somewhere between green and yellow, but the best color description to me is still: glow in the dark! I love this, and it instantly makes your skin looks tanned, even the most winter-whitened skin!

Ugh, I keep staring at my nails now, I so love this bright color! The top coat I used is China Glaze fast Dry Top coat (3 layers of Nail Tek II as my basecoat, my nails are still recovering from their Seche Vite two-month long abuse) .

Below shots are more color-accurate, just imagine them a bit more glowing and bright. Shots made under artificial light:

China Glaze - Highlight of my Summer
China Glaze - Highlight of my Summer - Top Coat

There, you know how I like my hand shots, it gives a much better overall impression of how a color looks than from a close-up swatch:

China Glaze - highlight of my Summer
Hightlight of my Summer - Full hand shot
China Glaze - highlight of my Summer
Hightlight of my Summer - Full hand shot

Now what I find totally unjustifiable, is people keep saying this is obviously a neon version of Refresh-mint. Well, in my humble opinion, it is not. It is a totally different kind of shade. Refresh-mint is a more bluish greyish green. This is just incomparable with that, it is so yellow-leaning compared to Refresh-mint, much warmer toned!

I know it's not the best shot, but below I wear Refresh-mint with dots of highlight of my Summer on my middle finger for comparison, you can see how different the tones are (and also a sneak-peep for you of the new Your Present Required from the new Happy Holiglaze collection too on my pinkie and index finger!). Shot made under the sun:

china glaze - highlight of my summer
Refresh-mint with dots of Highlight of my Summer

Well, I can't believe how long this post is getting. I am really talking too much, better wrap it up! This color is just amazing and very unique on it's own, if you want something different, this is for you!

Which colors do you like from the Sunsational collection? Do you like the cremes or do you prefer the jellies?

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